The Dow STEM Scholars Program is a new initiative funded by the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation to increase the number of students who graduate with degrees in STEM disciplines.  The program provides students who place into MTH 103A (Intermediate College Algebra & Trigonometry) the academic support and resources to increase their readiness to succeed in a STEM major.  The program is a collaborative effort between the MSU undergraduate STEM colleges (Engineering, Natural Science, and Lyman Briggs Residential College) and the MSU Neighborhoods. 

One-third of all incoming MSU students place into MTH 103A.  For students planning on pursuing a STEM major this is a mandatory course that must be mastered in order to progress into the required STEM prerequisites courses, MTH 103 and Chemistry 141.

Why not be part of a program that was specifically designed to boost academic success?.......   

Dow STEM Scholars……….


  • is a free optional support program available to all incoming freshmen STEM Majors who place into MTH 103A. Space is limited.
  • have access to special Dow Scholars sections of required STEM classes such as Math 103 and Chemistry 141
  • can save over $1,600 in tuition/fees and retake the Math Placement for advancement into MTH 103 after successfully completing the Summer Dow STEM Math Course
  • are encouraged & able to participate in multiple MSU support programs such DREW Scholars,  OSS-TRiO, Lyman Briggs, and MAGIC, while participating in the Dow Scholars program
  • can utilize other campus resources and services while in the program, such as Neighborhood, Major, OSS and DREW advising or tutoring services
  • are able to design their own level of Dow STEM program participation as long as they maintain minimum program requirements
  • are monitored and provided STEM academic & social assistance throughout entire MSU career.