Dow STEM Scholars Program

The Dow STEM Success Scholars Program provides academic and social support services to all incoming MSU students, who plan on pursuing a STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) major and place into Intermediate College Algebra & Trigonometry - Math 103A on the MSU Math Placement Exam.  The Dow STEM Scholars Program focuses on assisting students’ transition into college and develop the skills needed in pursuing a STEM degree.

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How much does Dow STEM Scholars Program cost?

The Dow STEM Scholars Program is free to all eligible students.The program gives students with academic potential the opportunity to surround themselves with a positive group of fellow Spartans who are also motivated to earn a STEM degree.

What is the Dow STEM Scholars Program?

The Dow STEM Scholars Program is a new initiative funded by MSU and the Dow Chemical – Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation to increase the number of students who graduate with degrees in STEM disciplines.  The program provides eligible students much needed academic support and resources to increase their readiness to succeed in a STEM major.   The program is a collaborative effort between the MSU undergraduate STEM colleges (Engineering, Natural Science, and Lyman Briggs Residential College) and the MSU Neighborhoods. 

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Why the Dow STEM Scholars Program was developed?

The Dow STEM Scholars Program is specifically designed to assist MSU STEM students who show academic potential succeed in pursuing a STEM degree. The program focuses on assisting students transition into college and develop the skills needed to master the rigorous math and science courses that challenge most (STEM) students during their freshman and sophomore years.

One-third of all incoming MSU students place into MTH 103A (College: Intermediate College Algebra & Trigonometry).  For all STEM majors who place into MTH 103A, this is a mandatory course that must be mastered in order to progress into the required STEM prerequisites courses, MTH 103 and Chemistry 141.   

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