Services & STEM Majors

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The program provides students the opportunity to surround themselves with a positive group of fellow Spartans who are also motivated to earn STEM degrees.

  • A special Dow Scholars Orientation & AOP Orientation Session, Summer 2019
  • Free tuition, books, & materials for Dow Scholars Math Course – Summer 2019
  • Access to Dow Scholars section of Introduction to Chemistry 121 Fall 2019
  • Access to Dow Scholars Recitation section of General Chemistry 141Spring 2019
  • Access to Dow Scholars section of College Algebra & Trigonometry MTH 103   –  Fall 2019 taught by a Dow Instructor
  • Access to Dow Scholars Freshman Seminar course– Fall 2019
  • STEM Major & Career advising, professional development, and research opportunities
  • Paid employment opportunities as program Peer Mentor or Peer Buddies
  • Academic monitoring, recognition and achievement awards
  • Access to Dow Scholars academic and career travel experiences
  • Dow Scholars community service projects and volunteer opportunities