Dow Advising

Any and All Advising Questions:

If you have questions about your schedule, Ms. J will be available for walk in advising for the following times (you will need to check in the Brody Engagement Center first and then take a seat, I will call you):

Regular Advising Appointments Begins January 17th  

  • Dow Advisor: dates and times
    • Monday – Brody Engagement Center
    • Tuesday – Appointments in North Engagement , 1-4:30pm
    • Wednesday - Appointments in River Trail Engagement ,  1-4:30pm
    • Thursday MORNING - Appointments in South Engagement, 9am-12pm
    • Thursday AFTERNOON - Appointments in East Engagement, 1-4:30pm
    • Friday - Brody Engagement Center


To make an appointment with Ms. J, go to, log in and you click on the Engagement Center of your choice and under services, click “Dow STEM Scholars Advising – Ms. J”.  This is for longer official appointments times, there is no waiting.   If you want to walk in, this is also fine, just sign in at the engagement center front desk….there could be a wait during peak times.