Dow Research Funds

The Dow STEM Scholars Program gives Scholars access to research scholarship funds for special activities. Is there something you want to do this summer that you need help funding?

student in front of research poster


Dow STEM Scholars Scholarship Funds

The purpose of this award is to enhance the educational experience of Dow STEM Scholars through a research or STEM related experience. Activities that may be funded include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Funds to enable a Dow Scholar to engage in a research experience.
  • Funds to allow a student to take a summer class which will enhance their research ability. The class must be taken via MSU.
  • Funds to allow a student to participate in experiences such as a study abroad to enhance their STEM knowledge.
  • Funds are not intended to be used for normal academic support.

This award may be received more than once. However, the total scholarship amount is limited to $5,000 per Dow Scholar during their undergraduate study.

To receive an award you must:

  • Currently be classed as a Dow STEM Scholar
  • Be in academic good standing
  • Complete required application

Funds may be applied for at any time. Application for funds does not guarantee award of funds. Applicants will be notified if their request has been accepted or denied within two weeks of their application.


Please complete the application and submit it in hard copy or electronically to:
Robin Rennie, DSSP Director, G49 Hubbard Hall.  

Please contact Ms. Rennie if you have any questions.